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Stemaly Excavating, in Evansville, IN, has an Experienced and Knowledgeable Soil Stabilization Team Serving the Tri-State

As an experienced residential and commercial excavating contractor, Stemaly offers lime and cement stabilization solutions to modify and strengthen sub-grade conditions including loose soils, and both over-saturated clay and soil.

Soil stabilization helps to enhance the physical properties of soil, contributing to shear strength and helping to control shrinking and swelling.

At Stemaly Excavating, we use the term “soil stabilization” to describe any physical, chemical, mechanical, biological, or combined method of changing a natural soil to meet an engineering purpose.

Improvements include increasing the weight bearing capabilities, tensile strength, and overall performance of subsoils, sands, and waste materials to strengthen and extend the lifespan of road pavements and building foundations.

Stabilizing soil dramatically improves the subgrade’s capability to withstand heavy loads. Without it, structures and surrounding features can potentially experience problems such as pavement failure and foundation settlement.

The Importance of Planning

When beginning construction on a soil stabilization project, it’s not uncommon to find less-than-ideal soil quality. When taking on a new soil stabilization job, the Stemaly Excavating Team will visit your site to identify potential hazards, and perform utility locates, before beginning to create a plan for the work of mixing, compacting, distributing, and re-grading the soil. Stemaly Team members benefit from years of soil-stabilization training and experience and possess the specific knowledge to create an ideal finished product.

Our soil stabilization services offer you numerous advantages:

  • Decreasing soil moisture content to optimize load-bearing capacity
  • Compacting the soil properly to improve site access and allow construction to begin sooner
  • Increasing soil strength to ultimately extend pavement life
  • Reducing settlement to avoid costly future repairs

Helping the Tri-State Become More Stable

We serve Vanderburgh, Warrick, Posey, Gibson, Pike, and Dubois Counties in Indiana, and Henderson, Daviess, McLean, Hancock, and Webster Counties in Kentucky. We deliver cost-effective work that meets the strictest safety standards.

Since 1978, our staff of operating engineers, laborers, project managers and field supervisors has earned an excellent reputation for providing high-quality soil stabilization.

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When you need soil stabilized and are looking for a friendly and experienced Team to work with, give us a call or visit our Contact page.