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  • Ponds and Lake Construction
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Commercial and Residential Excavating

Stemaly Excavating Provides Commercial and Residential Excavating in Evansville, IN, and the Tri-State

Before you start moving dirt around a residential or commercial site, you need to make sure you have the knowledge and the proper equipment for the job. As an experienced residential and commercial excavating contractor, Stemaly Excavating works to ensure that your job is done right, and we guarantee that you will receive high quality work at competitive rates.

We serve Evansville, IN, and Tri-State counties including Vanderburgh, Warrick, Posey, Gibson, Pike, and Dubois, in Indiana, and Henderson, Daviess, McLean, Hancock, and Webster, in Kentucky.

We specialize in the widest range of projects including site preparation, land clearing, ditch clean-up, and erosion control to improve drainage. We also remove, haul, and relocate dirt, sand, and gravel. We provide excavation for basements, foundations, roads, driveways, parking lots, subdivisions and more. If you don’t see your specific excavation project listed below, please give us a call because we probably do that, too!

Count on us for the following services:


Taking care of all the details

With over 40 years of experience, Stemaly Excavating can successfully and cost-effectively handle virtually any residential project. Stemaly’s professionals can do everything from clearing land and preparing your foundation site, to digging a basement for a new home, shaping your landscape, digging trenches for sewer and water lines, and even creating lakes or ponds. Our attention to detail separates us from the other residential excavating contractors in Evansville, IN, and the Tri-State area. That means you can count on safe, reliable work every time Stemaly Excavating is on the job.


Start your build off right

When you’re starting a large-scale construction project from the ground up, you need a commercial excavating contractor who can create a strong foundation and landscape. To get your project started, Stemaly Excavating also offers professional demolition services to remove any existing structures to clear the site. We can then excavate, grade, and shape your site to ensure proper drainage. With our services, you’ll know that your foundation is built right, and built to last.

Stemaly’s commercial excavation Teams successfully manage projects ranging from street and highway expansions, underground utilities, subdivisions, and industrial and commercial site preparations. From small retail centers to large scale industrial warehouses and manufacturing, Stemaly Excavating has the experience, personnel, and technology to deliver the highest quality work and complete the project on time.


Site Preparation

Choosing an experienced excavating contractor is the first step. Our experts can handle all your site preparation needs. This includes demolition and removing excess debris, if needed, and then excavating, grading, and providing a prepared surface for a strong and stable foundation, drainage, or even a setting for an entire development. We work directly with you, or with your general contractor, to ensure that your site gets off to a great start.

Grading and Sloping

When you’re constructing a new property, grading the land is among the most important processes that needs to be completed first. Stemaly has the equipment and the experience to level any type of ground for the purpose of constructing a new building or home. While grading typically involves making a piece of land flat, it can also involve altering a sloping section of land, which may be necessary when attempting to grade a driveway or contour landscaping. Stemaly Excavating has a highly skilled Team that has successfully completed projects all over the Tri-State, and we guarantee that your property will be graded and sloped to required specifications.

Land Clearing

Whether you want to create more space, expand your yard, or you are planning to build a new home or business on the site, Stemaly Excavating is a contractor that has land and lot clearing services you can depend on. No matter how steep the hill or how flat the land on your property, we are capable of clearing land of any formation. You can watch your land go through a complete transformation from a patch of unruly vegetation to a picturesque lot! Our experts have the knowledge and experience needed to do the job safely and efficiently. Large or small, we will have your lot or property cleared by your deadline.

Basement Dig and Construction

Basements offer a bonus for home and business owners looking to increase space, but these below-grade rooms demand careful planning and prep work. As an experienced grading and excavating contractor, Stemaly is an excavating company that knows the questions to ask and will meet your requirements for site design and specifications.

Pond and Lake Construction

Water adds scenic beauty and economic value to any property. Stemaly Excavating has years of experience constructing ponds and lakes in Evansville, IN, and surrounding Tri-State area. From lake design and soil samples, to land clearing excavation and heavy hauling, trust Stemaly to provide the quality services you need. Even if it requires dam building or drilling wells to feed the pond or lake, we can make your “dream water feature” a reality.

Ditch Creation and Clean-Up

Two generations ago, Stemaly Excavating began digging ditches and trenches for construction projects in Evansville, IN. We know that an overgrown or improperly functioning ditch can cause drainage or waterflow issues, create standing water, or even a costly road repair. The Stemaly crew takes special care to clean ditches properly. We remove and dispose of brush, trees and other debris before we clean out the mud or dirt. Our goal is always to clear ditches near roads without over-exposing the gravel to erosion or changing the pitch and depth of irrigation ditches. If you want to create a new ditch or just clean up an old one, give us a call today.

Erosion Control

Erosion control is the practice of preventing or controlling water or wind erosion in agriculture, land development, riverbanks, and construction. Let the Stemaly Excavating team help you effectively put the proper erosion controls in place to handle surface runoff and help prevent water pollution or loss of soil, wildlife habitat, or personal property.


With significant design and engineering challenges that have the potential to derail a project’s momentum, site excavation for subdivisions has evolved into an increasingly complex task. As an experienced contractor, Stemaly Excavating provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to land development challenges. Stemaly Excavating’s collaborative mindset leads to a fluid, well managed, high-quality land development project.

From start to finish, we can guide your project as painlessly as possible. While the regulations that control subdivisions are unique for each municipality, Stemaly offers the expertise required to successfully navigate and move your project forward. From early site development planning and permitting to responsive and accurate estimating, we have the excavating expertise to make your next project a success.

Cost-effective Excavating Solutions

Our experienced Team manages site development projects of all sizes in both commercial and residential applications. We have the latest equipment, an impeccable safety record, and the expertise to maximize results.

Please visit our Projects Photo Gallery and our Customer Testimonials page for more information about our work. As you’ll see, we dig our work!  We would be honored to partner with you on your next project! Give us a call today or visit our Contact page.